Dr. Hendrik Delport

Orthopedisch Chirurg, Medico-Legale Expertisen

Lijst van publicatie's en posters door Dr. Delport


List of Publications and posters by Dr Delport

  • Pectoralis Major Rupture in Athletes. P. Delport and M.S. Piper. Archives of Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery.Arch.Orthop Traumat Surg (1982) 100 : 135 – 137.
  • BB Schakel April ’83 – 4 Jaargang 29.Rugpijn in de auto.
  • The Initial Stability of Porous coated Total Knee Prostheses. P. Delport, P. Ducheyne, and M.Martens Presented by P. Ducheyne on the World Meeting of Biomaterials Washington, 1983.
  • Rugpijn in de auto. P. Delport en M.J. Hoogmartens. Tijdschrift voor geneeskunde, 38, nr 18., 1982.
  • The Effects of Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields on Protein Synthesis and Membrane Transport in Rat Skin.Presented at the 2nd BRAGS Meeting in Oxford, sept 20-22, 1982. Poster at the same meeting : Treatment of femoral non-union with PEMF.
  • The Mechanical Characteristics of cancellous bone at the upper femoral region. Martens M,Van Audekercke R,Delport P,De Meester P,Mulier JC. J.Biomech.1983;16(12) :971-83
  • Preference pattern of mastication during the first chewing cycle.Delport HP., de Laat A, Nijs J.,Hoogmartens MJ. Electromyogr.Clin.Neurophysiol. 1983 Sep-Oct;23(6) : 491-500.
  • Treatment of Non-union with PEMF.Scientific Exhibit at AAOS 1983. Los Angeles.USA
  • Medewerking aan het TV programma :Veilig en zuinig autorijden met Jessie Decaluwe, Emiel Goelen, Willy Francois en Rudi Dieleman.
  • Conservative Treatment of Ipsilateral Supracondylar Femoral Fracture after Total Knee Arthroplasty. Delport.P.H. and Martens M. J Trauma. 1984 Sep;24(9):846-9.
  • Clinical Analysis of 90 patients treated with Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields. P Delport, N Cheng and J C Mulier. Paper on residents day.
  • Follow-up and Failure Analysis of Unicomptmental Knee Prostheses. P. Delport, R Kousbroeck, M Martens, F Bogaerts and J.C. Mulier. Presented at the 4th World Conference on Biomaterials, Leuven 31/08/1983.
  • The Effects of pulsed electromagnetic fields on metabolism in rat skin. P. Delport, W Sansen and W De Loecker . Journal of Electroanalytical Chemistry, Bioelectrochemistry And Bioenergetics, 14 (1985) 9398 Vol 192 (1985).
  • Cementless Total Knee Arthroplasty.H. Van Ransbeeck and P. Delport. Paper on residents day.
  • Three years experience with a cementless HA coated hip prosthesis.P. Delport, V. Dvorack, E. de Knop. BVOTMeeting 1983 Aalst
  • The use of a cementless Total Knee Prosthesis. Technique and Results. P. Delport, H. Van Ransbeeck.Paper on residents day
  • A kinematic comparison of fixed- and mobile-bearing knee replacements.H.P. Delport, S. Banks,J. De Schepper and J. Bellemans. J Bone Joint Surg, Br, 2006;88-B,1016-21
  • Reconstruction of the medial patellofemoral ligament for patellar instability using an autologous gracilis tendon graft. C.Goorens,H.Robijn,B.Hendrickx,H.Delport,Kris De Mulder, J Hens? Acta Orthop.Belg.,2010,76,398-402.
  • Arthroscopic psoas release for iliopsoas impingement after total hip replacement. A. Van Riet, MD, J De Schepper, MD, HP Delport, MD, Acta Orthop.Belg.,2011,77,41-46
  • In vivo determination of hip kinematics for subjects implanted using two different Hip Resurfacing Systems. H.P. Delport, M.R. Anderle, R.D. Komistek, M.R. Mahfouz, R.E. Barnett, D.Y. Ho, Poster at ISTA Congress Hawai 2009
  • A calcar referencing neck jig used for femoral resurfacing component positioning: A multi-centre study with comparison to computer assisted surgery. D. Noyes, A. Phadnis, K. Singhal, D. Whitwell,H. P. Delport. Presented at : 7th Annual Meeting of CAOS-International June 20-23,2007.Heidelberg, Germany and also at 9th Domestic Meeting of the European Hip Society EHS Madrid Spain
  • Variations in Serum Electrolyte Concentrations and Renal Function After Therapeutic Hip Arthroscopy: A Pilot Study Luk Verhelst, M.D., Jo De Schepper, M.D., Gregory Sergeant, M.D., Koen Liekens, M.D.,and Hendrik Delport, M.D., Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic and Related Surgery, Vol 25, No 4(April), 2009: pp 377-381.
  • Metal-on-metal Hip Resurfacing. A Solution for the young and active patient. H.P. Delport. AZ Nikolaas, St. Niklaas, Belgium Hip International / Vol. 18 no. 2, 2008 / pp. 129-17
  • Who needs Navigation ? A Comparison of the femoral alignment using computer aided navigation and an Alignment Device in Resurfacing, Arthroplasty of the Hip. A.S. Phadnis, D. Whitwell, H. Delport, K. SinghalAvon Orthopaedic Centre, Bristol, UK, Hip International / Vol. 18 no. 2, 2008 / pp. 129-17
  • Hip Resurfacing, an independent study. H.P. Delport. AZ Nikolaas, St Niklaas, Belgium, Hip International / Vol. 18 no. 2, 2008 / pp. 129-17
  • European Clinical Results with the ReCap Hip Resurfacing Prosthesis H.P. Delport1, J. De Schepper2, H. Hoekstra2, T. Sybesma2, W. Van derWeegen21 AZ Nikolaas, St Niklaas, Belgium; 2 St Anna, Geldrop, The Netherlands Hip International / Vol. 18 no. 2, 2008 / pp. 129-17
  • How does the cementing technique influence the cement mantle in hip resurfacing? An in vitro CT scan based analysis. T. Scheerlinck, MD .PhD ;H.P.Delport, MD;T. Kiewitt, Ph.D.J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2010;92:375-87.
  • Impact of cementing technique on cement mantle quality in hip resurfacing. An in vitro CT scan based analysis. T. Scheerlinck, MD.PhD;H.P. Delport, MD;T. Kiewitt, Ph.D; Poster at the 10th EFORT Congress Vienna, Austria 3-6 June 2009.
  • Vibrational techniques to assess the initial stability of spherical press-fitted implants : an in vitro study. S.Leuridan, LCpastrav, M.Mulier, H.Delport, P.Debeer, K.Denis, L.De Wilde, G.Van der Perren, W.Desmet and J.Vander Sloten, Presented at EORS 2010 Davos, Switserland.
  • Cementing Technique Influences the Cement Mantle in Hip Resurfacing. An in vitro CT-scan Analysis.T.Scheerlinck, H.Delport, T.Kiewitt. Presented at EORS 2010 Davos, Switzerland.
  • Vibrational Methods to assess the initial stability of hip resurfacing cementless implants : a preliminary in vitro study.L.C. Pastrav, S.Leuridan, H.Delport, M.Mulier, K.Denis, G. Van der Perren and J. Vander Sloten. ( Belgian Day on Biomedical Engineering, November 26,2010).
  • Comparative gravimetric Wear Analysis in mobile versus fixed-bearing posterior stabilized total knee prostheses. H.P. Delport, Jos Vander Sloten,J Bellemans. Acta Orthop. Belg.,2010,76,367-373
  • Complex acetabular revision using innovative techniques. H. Delport1* (MD),M. Mulier2 (MD, PhD), P. Vanderschot3 (MD, PhD), and J. Bellemans2 (MD,PhD).Special Issue of “Advances in Orthopedics”Revision Total Joint Arthroplasty (Management of Bone Loss) September 2011.
  • Quantitative computerized assessment of the degree of acetabular bone deficiency: Total radial Acetabular Bone Loss (TrABL)Frederik GELAUDE (MSc Eng, PhD)1, Tim CLIJMANS (MSc Eng)1, Hendrik DELPORT (MD)2 Special Issue of “Advances in Orthopedics” Revision Total Joint Arthroplasty (Management of Bone Loss) September 2011
  • Debonding of the acetabular prous coating in hip resurfacing arthroplasty. A case report. H.Delport, B Van Backlé and J De Schepper. Acta Orthop.Belg.,2011,77,125-127.
  • Bone ingrowth in porous titanium bone augments in an in vivo goat model : customization and functionalization. J.Demol, B Lenaerts, S Leuridan and H Delport. Abstract NOF 2012 Tallinn.
  • Computerised quantification of the degree of bone loss in 30 Paprosky type IIIA-B cases: comparison and relevance to the classification. F Gelaude, T Clijmans, J Demol and H Delport. Abstract EFORT 2012 Berlin.